Monday, October 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day & Haul: Toronto Edition

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday, I went to Toronto for the day because I went to see Ellie Goulding in concert. If you don't know who Ellie Goulding is, she is a synth-pop singer from the UK who recently released her sophomore album, Halycon last week. She recently has become "big" in North America with her song, "Lights". I definitely recommend giving her a listen. 

Anyway, the concert was amazing. Nightbox (one of my favourite bands) opened for her and they definitely amped up the crowd before Ellie came on. Ellie, herself, knows how to perform and give a great show. She was fabulous and I'm really happy I went. Unfortunately, I have only crappy pictures of the show that I took on my Blackberry because I was not allowed to bring in my camera since it was considered "professional".

But before the concert happened, I spent the day with my three friends in Toronto. My goal was to hit up Queen Street since I never get a chance to check it out whenever I go because I usually just go to the Eaton Center, but this time I got to go! I didn't really find anything that I was willing to buy (mostly because I had spent enough already) but I was happy I went to check it out because I fell in love with the area, itself. 

My outfit for the day

Jacket: Forever 21, Skull Back Top: Brandy Melville, Disco Pants: American Apparel

Combat Boots: Globo Shoes

Bowler Hat: Urban Outfitters

Now let's get on with the haul! I had made a trip to Toronto in the summer with my parents and I saw that Topshop and Topman were being sold at The Bay. Then, I heard that they were expanding the brands into whole sections of the store and as luck would have, the expansion was done a week before my day-trip and I got to check out the new Topshop and Topman areas. The design of the store gives off this really hip and cool vibe and the clothes definitely match. Also, the employees are very helpful and friendly. I spoke with two employees, one said I had the "Topshop look" which basically made my entire day and the other just talked to my friend and I and asked how our experience was. Overall, a very good experience that ended in myself purchasing two items (how could I not?). 
Jersey dress $46
Jersey high low top $26
My next purchases were from MAC. I've been on a search for a darker, almost black, red lipstick because I'm really into the vampy look for fall/winter and I knew MAC would be able to help me. The girl who helped me was amazing. She knew exactly what I was looking for and even showed me a few tips and tricks to perfect the vampy lip look. 

Satin Lipstick in Media

Prep+Prime for Lips

Lip Pencil in Nightmoth

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Rachel xo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Favourites

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (or everyone from Canada)! In my books, this is the true beginning of fall and as the season is upon us, it's time to switch up our summer wardrobe and bring out the layers and try out some new colours schemes. So, here is my list of what my fall favourites or essentials are for this year.

Jewel Toned Jeans
Last season, primary colours were in for the summer and fall. This season, it's all about the jewel tones. I am obsessed with maroon, emerald, and amethyst tone jeans. I recently picked up maroon skinnies (for a mere $20 which I am VERY happy about) and I can't wait to dress them up with a chiffon top or button down and dress them down with a chunky grey sweater and military jacket.

Utility/Military Jacket
These jackets have been in style since last fall and it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere for a while. I wear my utility jacket almost everyday. You can pair it jeans, leggings, a leather skirt... Pretty much anything! It's probably the most versatile piece in your wardrobe for fall and the beginning of winter. 

Combat Boots
Steve Madden Troopa Mid Shaft Flat Heel Boots
Combat boots are my biggest essential for any season, but especially for fall and winter. If you want to toughen up a look, these are the first things you should think of and they totally make you look like a bad ass. You can wear them with any type of bottom and still look good.

If you're like me and you have a bad hair day 99% of the time, hats are a must own. And as the air around us gets chillier, beanies are my go to for those days when your hair just needs to be hidden. You can pair beanies with anything to dress down your look.

Denim Shirt
Western Denim Shirt
Denim shirts have always been in style (anyone heard of a Canadian tuxedo? Haha), but the way they are styled has changed. I am huge fan of denim shirts that are studded, buttoned up to the collar, and tucked into high-waisted pants or a leather skirt. If you want to make the look a little more schoolboy-esque, add a bowtie. Plain denim shirts are good as an extra layer. You can wear it with a graphic, plain or striped tee and black jeans, pants or leggings. 

Disco Pants
I recently have purchased these and I am already obsessed with them. They hug you in all the right places and make your butt and legs look amazing. But the best thing about disco pants are that they are extremely versatile. You can dress them down with a crop top, jacket and combat boots or you can dress them up with a tucked in button up and sandal wedges. They are quite pricey but I highly recommend spending the money on them because you will want to wear them with everything.

So there are some of my favourite fall items for this season. I hope I can inspire some of you to try them out for yourself! Thanks for checking out my blog and don't forget to comment down below :) Also, you can follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (links at the top of the page). Next post, I will have an outfit of the day and haul from my trip to Toronto for the Ellie Goulding concert this Sunday! Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Photos used are from Forever21 and Polyvore